Shiny and New at Rad Hourani F/W 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by nudepink on March 11, 2010

When one thinks of the great designers, they are noted for never following trends, for always staying true to their visions and their beliefs. The same could be said of Rad Hourani. I was privileged enough to attend the show and was awe struck by his focus.

Hourani may have the cosmos on his mind as the show featured many looks in patent leather or sequins, giving the pieces a shine. The word of the day was seemed to be shiny, as this could be said to describe most of the collection. Indeed, the models looked like black, modern sculptures. There were Hourani’s signature elements – slashed leggings and pants with bands of leather in the front and shiny black architectural vests worn over jackets with oversized lapels. He seemed to have a fascination with wearing things the wrong way, which could be seen in jackets that hung from straps on the shoulders and came around the body to be zipped up at the waist. One jacket looked as though it were worn backwards and was zipped only at the neck. Hourani has always understood the transformative nature of fashion and this could be seen in jackets that featured panels that looked as though they could be unzipped. A fellow attendee told me one of the jackets could be worn twenty seven ways. Clearly, this is one designer who likes to keep his options open and with his strong presence on the scene, he will undoubtedly have many options in his future.


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