Foam and Plastic at Balenciaga F/W 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by nudepink on March 11, 2010

For fall, Nicolas Ghesquiere continued his role as the mad scientist of fashion. Backstage, he said it was a collection inspired by everyday things – plastic, saran wrap and foam packaging. Ghesquiere himself has said that his clothes are not easy to wear, that it is a choice, and while it may be difficult to think of anything Balenciaga as everyday, this was both wearable and had an ease to it.

It began with boxy jackets with panels on the torso that had the appearance of a bullet proof vest and white bands running down the sleeve. One could see foam, velcro and the zippers which looked like strips of masking tape. Crew neck sweaters with geometric, neon coloured lines on them that looked as though they were glowing from underneath followed colour block sweaters in the new pastel shades Ghesquiere showed for spring. The sleeves, with flecks gold or grey underneath, reminded one of a computer chip. These were belted, giving them the look of a peplum skirt and were worn with 3/4 length embroidered trousers. The stormtrooper look continued with cocooned, quilted down filled jackets, a nod to the house’s heritage, that had wings sewn under the arms and separate, oversized sheer collars that extended to the shoulders. These were also worn with tanks in a colourful newspaper print that unfurled at the waist.

While the Balenciaga woman is always a powerful, warrior- like woman, the peach perforated tops and skirts with lace detail suggested she may desire to look “pretty” in the afternoon, and why shouldn’t she? There are so many facets to a Balenciaga show that looking at these clothes one wonders if this is the the couture of the future. The answer might be a resounding “yes!” and these women are ready and willing to fight to prove it.


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