Dark Beauty at Bottega Veneta F/W 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by nudepink on March 11, 2010

What is modern beauty? In a season that questions the dichotomy of conventional ideas of beauty versus power, Tomas Maier may have found the answer. Following the show, he said he feels like a new attitude “…not the f-word, but like that.” Was this show Maier at his most rebellious? It must be, looking at the darkly sexy looks he sent out. Rebellious or not, he showed how a woman can be powerful, look completely in control, but still very beautiful.

Black, loose fitting power suits opened the show, followed by leather trench coats, in a couple of instances sleeveless. Impossibly narrow pants were worn with sharply cut suit jackets that exuded control and focus. Power and control had a strong presence here, and in the tight leather pants worn with a black parka. There were pops of colour, too, in cocktail dresses, one of which had a short, sculpted leather vest. It was red, a deep, juicy red that was the strongest in the show, among the other greens and purples, and was executed on a pair of slouchy leather pants, worn with a pink blouse. Jersey tunic dresses, some with an asymmetrical flap, had strong sculpted shoulders, as did belted dresses with netting underneath that was meant to be highly visible.

Maier said it was a show about “something you can think about but you can’t get to”, in reference to the fishnet theme that ran through some of the cocktail dresses and evening looks. The fluidity in the day looks translated into evening, in draped evening gowns with fishnet sleeves or, in one instance, worn over what appeared to be a fishnet bodysuit.
Though the issue of women and power may resurface, at least fleetingly, every season, Maier achieved a collection that was unapologetic, bold and had a new approach to what might seem like a tired subject. Does power equal beauty? I think so.


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