Blankets and Zigzags at Rick Owens F/W 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by nudepink on March 11, 2010

Leave it to others to suffer for fashion. This season, the Rick Owens woman is warm and, well, quite cozy. The collection, which mainly featured vests and jackets, was a natural progression, as a few of the tight fitting dresses that flared at the waist  from the spring show made their way into this one. Leave it also for others to focus on anything below the waist, as Owens focused on the top half of the body, pairing all of the looks with peek-a-boo zigzag tights. He stayed true to his mantra last season of trying to do “pretty”. There were less abstract alien-like looks and instead plenty of romantic ideas.

It began with down filled wraps that had a duvet-like look to them. Super short and long, tight fitting jackets with oversized, slouchy collars were shown alongside long, hooded and asymmetrical vests that zipped up on the side. One can’t look at a Rick Owens show without thinking of the great architects, and Owens’ talents in construction came through in the jackets, vests and dresses that had triangles of horn crudely tied on. The horn gave them a stiffness and structure that was very architectural. The effect was a sort of armour. These could be the standouts of the show, though the down filled wraps will prove to be a hit with buyers. There were serious pops of femininity, in dresses with the horn application and asymmetrical draped dresses with pleats falling from the waist. Jersey skirts with layered folds looked like origami. Owens gave his most elite customers a reason to shop when fur, too, made an appearance, in kangaroo and super desirable mink, on long vests.
Owens’ references may be difficult to understand as they are never what they seem, even as his designs become decidedly tamer than in previous seasons. Still, there were modern ideas of beauty here, as always.


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